Example 140: Architectural sculpture

Work Record
Class [controlled]: • architecture  • sculpture  • European art
*Work Type [link]: • relief (sculpture)
*Title/Name: Last Judgment
Title/Name: Tympanum, South Transept, Chartres   Title Type: alternate
*Creator Display: unknown French
*Role [link]: sculptors   [link]: unknown French
*Creation Date: ca. 1220   [controlled]: • Earliest: 1215  • Latest: 1225
*Subject [links]: • religion and mythology  • Last Judgment (Christian iconography)  • Jesus Christ (Christian iconography)  • Virgin Mary (Christian iconography)  • Saint John the Evangelist (Christian iconography)  • Saint Michael (Christian iconography)  • salvation  • damnation  • souls  • Symbols of the Passion (Christian iconography)
Style [link]: Gothic
Culture [link]: French
*Current Location [link]: South Transept, Chartres Cathedral (Chartres, France)
*Measurements: unavailable
*Materials and Techniques: limestone, carved in high and low relief
Material [links]: • limestone   Technique [links]: • high relief  • low relief
Description: The central portal depicts the Last Judgment. Christ the Judge is flanked by Mary, the Queen of Heaven, and John the Evangelist. Christ displays his Passion wounds; angels carry the instruments of his Passion, the column, lance, crown of thorns, scourge, nails, and cross. The lintel depicts Saint Michael weighing and separating the Saved and the Damned. The iconography complements the two to either side: The left portal portrays the Martyrs, tympanum portrays the martyrdom of Saint Stephen; right portal portrays the Confessors, tympanum portrays good deeds of Saint Martin and Saint Nicholas.
Description Source [link]: Kidson, Peter, in Chartres Cathedral: With source material and selected critical writings. Edited by Robert Branner. London: Thames & Hudson, 1969,   Page: 202 ff.

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