Example 144: African building complexes

[Note: This example illustrates CCO creator display option 1 for unknown creators (CCO page 92). In this example, the “Creator” field is linked to a Name Authority record for unknown Shona.]

Work Record
Class [controlled]: • architecture • African art
*Work Type [link]: • building complex  • ruins
*Title/Name: Great Enclosure Title Type: preferred
*Title/Name: Great Zimbabwe National Monument Title Type: collective
*Creator Display: unknown Shona (African)
*Role [link]: creators [link]: unknown Shona  
*Creation Date Display:  built between 1270 and 1450 [controlled]: Earliest: 1270 Latest: 1450
*Subject [links]: • architecture  • dwelling  • chiefdom
Culture [link]: Shona
*Current Location [link]: Great Zimbabwe ruin (Masvingo province, Zimbabwe)
*Measurements: outer wall: around 250 m (820 feet) in circumference; maximum height: 11 m (36 feet)
[controlled] Extent: outer wall Value: 250 Unit: m Type: circumference | Qualifier: maximum Value: 11 Unit: m Type: height
*Materials and Techniques: mortarless stone construction and ruined daga (earthen and mud-brick) buildings
Material [links]:  • stone  • daga Technique [links]: • mortarless construction
Description: One of the three stone-wall enclosures at Great Zimbabwe, it is the largest pre-Colonial structure in sub-Saharan Africa.
Description Source [links]: "Great Zimbabwe.” Encyclopædia Britannica Online (accessed 29 July 2006)
100 Great Archaeological Discoveries. Paul G. Bahn, editor. New York: Barnes and Noble, 1995. Page: 46 ff
Related Work:
      Relationship Type [controlled]: part of
      [Link to related work]: Great Zimbabwe National Monument

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