Example 150: Gothic church

[Note: This example illustrates CCO creator display option 3 for unknown creators (CCO page 92). In this example, the “Creator” field is linked to a Name Authority record for unknown. The “Culture” field provides context .]

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Work Record
Class[controlled]:architecture  • European art
*WorkType [link]: • basilica  • cathedral
*Title/Name: Chartres Cathedral Title Type: preferred
*Title/Name: Cathedral of Notre-Dame Title Type: alternate
*Title/Name: Notre-Dame de Chartres Title Type: alternate
*CreatorDisplay: unknown
*Role[link]: architects  *ControlledCreator [link]: unknown 
*Role[controlled]: architects [link]: unknown 
*CreationDate Display:  construction was begunin 1194, consecrated in 1260; parts of earlierRomanesque building remain
[controlled] • Earliest:  1194 • Latest: 1260
*Subject[link to authorities]: • architecture  • religion andmythology  • Virgin Mary (Christianiconography)  • worship  •cathedrals buttresses
Style [link]:• Gothic  • Romanesque
Culture [link]: French
*CurrentLocation [link]: Chartres(Eure-et-Loir, Centre region, France)
*Measurements:height: 34 m (112 feet); length: 130 m (427 feet)
[controlled] Value:34  Unit: mType: height |Value: 130Unit: m Type: length
*Materialsand Techniques:  bearing masonry construction,limestone
Material [links]: • masonry  • limestone Technique[links]: • load-bearing walls
Description: Notedfor innovations in architectural constructionand large number of sculptures and much-stainedglass windows. The present cathedral was constructedon the foundations of the earlier church; theoldest parts of the cathedral are the crypt andRoyal Portal (West Portal), remnants of a Romanesquechurch destroyed by fire in 1194.

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