Example 151: Renaissance dome, component

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Work Record
Class[controlled]:Italian architecture
*WorkType [link]: dome
*Title/Name: Domeof Saint Peter’s
*CreatorDisplay: designed by MichelangeloBuonarroti (Florentine, 1475-1564), design revisedby Giacomo della Porta (Italian, 1532/1533-1602)and Domenico Fontana (Italian, 1543-1607)
*Role[link]: architect [link]: Buonarroti, Michelangelo
*Role[link]: architect Extent:revisions to design [link]: Porta, Giacomodella
*Role[link]: architect Extent:revisions to design [link]: Fontana, Domenico
*CreationDate Display:  designed mid-1550s,constructed late 16th century
[controlled]: Qualifier:design  •Earliest: 1530 • Latest: 1570  | Qualifier:construction  • Earliest:  1451 • Latest: 1600
*Subject[links]: • architecture  • dome
*CurrentLocation [link to authority]: SaintPeter’s Basilica (Vatican City, Rome, Italy)
*Measurements:diameter: 42 m (138 feet); height of dome: 138m (452 feet) above the street, 119 m (390 feet)above the floor
[controlled] Extent:exterior Value:138  Unit: mType: height |Extent: interiorValue: 119Unit: m Type: height| Value: 42Unit: m Type: diameter
*Materialsand Techniques:  brick, with ironchain compression ring
Material [links]: • brick Technique[links]: • compression reinforcement
Description: Thebrick dome uses four iron chains for a compressionring; it is buttressed by the apses and supportedinternally by four massive piers more than 18m thick. Bramante’s original floor plan calledfor the dome over a Greek cross plan. Michelangelodesigned the dome; after his death Giacomo dellaPorta and Domenico Fontana executed the dome,altering the shape to make it steeper and tallerthan Michelangelo’s design. The dome was finallycompleted under Sixtus V; Gregory XIV orderedthe erection of the lantern.
Description Source:[link]: Millon, Henry A. and Craig HughSmyth. Michelangelo architect: the facade ofSan Lorenzo and the drum and dome of Saint Peter’s.Milan: Olivetti, 1988.
Related Work:
      RelationshipType: [controlled]: part of
      [link toRelated Work]: Saint Peter’s Basilica (VaticanCity, Rome, Italy)

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