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Class[controlled]:• architecture  • European art
*WorkType [link]: basilica
*Title/Name: SaintPeter’s Basilica  TitleType: preferred
*Title/Name: Basilicadi San Pietro  TitleType: alternate
*Title/Name: NewSaint Peter’s  TitleType: alternate
*Title/Name: SanPietro in Vaticano  TitleType: alternate
*CreatorDisplay: designed and constructedby a long series of architects, including DonatoBramante (Italian, 1444-1514), Raphael Sanzio(Italian, 1483-1520), Antonio da Sangallo theElder (Italian, ca. 1455-1534), Michelangelo Buonarroti(Italian, 1475-1564), Giacomo della Porta (Italian,1532/1533-1602/1604), Carlo Maderno (Italian,ca. 1556 -1629), and Gian Lorenzo Bernini (Italian,1598-1680)
*Role[controlled]: architect  [link]: Bernini, Gian Lorenzo
*Role[controlled]: architect  [link]: Bramante, Donato
*Role[controlled]: architect  [link]: Buonarroti, Michelangelo
*Role[controlled]: architect  [link]: Fra Giocondo
*Role[controlled]: architect  [link]: Ligorio, Pirro
*Role[controlled]: architect  [link]: Maderno, Carlo
*Role[controlled]: architect  [link]: Peruzzi, Baldassare
*Role[controlled]: architect  [link]: Porta, Giacomo della
*Role[controlled]: architect  [link]: Sangallo, Antonioda, the elder
*Role[controlled]: architect  [link]: Sangallo, Giulianoda
*Role[controlled]: architect  [link]: Sansovino, Andrea
*Role[controlled]: architect  [link]: Sanzio, Raphael
*Role[controlled]: architect  [link]: Vignola, Giacomo da
*CreationDate Display: designs begun 1451,constructed 1506-1615, piazza finished 1667
[controlled]: Qualifier:design  •Earliest:  1451 • Latest: 1667 | Qualifier:construction  • Earliest:  1506 • Latest: 1615 | Qualifier:piazza  •Earliest:  1667 • Latest: 1667
*Subject[links]: • architecture  • religion andmythology  • Saint Peter (Christianiconography)  • cathedrals  •Papal power  • plazas  • columns • domes
*CurrentLocation [link]: VaticanCity (Rome, Italy)
*Measurements:height of dome: 138 m (452 feet); length of mainstructure: 187 m (615 feet)
[controlled] Extent: dome Value:138  Unit: mType: height |Value: 187Unit: m Type: length
*Materialsand Techniques:  load-bearing masonryconstruction
Material [links]: • masonry Technique[links]: • bearing walls
Style [linkto authority]: • Renaissance • Baroque
Description: Athree-aisled Latin cross with a dome at the crossing,the basilica had a long building history and manyarchitects. It was begun under Pope Julius IIin 1506 to replace Old Saint Peter’s, and completedin 1615 under Paul V. The original plan was aGreek cross by Donato Bramante; when he died in1514, Leo X commissioned Raphael, Fra Giocondo,and Giuliano da Sangallo to continue the work,changing the Greek-cross plan to a Latin crosswith three aisles separated by pillars. AfterRaphael died in 1520, Antonio da Sangallo theElder, Baldassare Peruzzi, and Andrea Sansovinocontinued the work. Sangallo died in 1546 andPaul III commissioned Michelangelo as chief architect.Michelangelo died in 1564, when the drum for thedome was nearly complete. Pirro Ligorio and Giacomoda Vignola continued the work. Under Gregory XIII,Giacomo della Porta was put in charge. Under ClementVIII, the apse of Old Saint Peter’s was razed.Paul V (pope 1605-1621) appointed Carlo Madernoto extend the nave. Maderno also completed thefaçade and added an extra bay on each end to supporttwo planned campaniles; only one was built, in1637, using another design by Gian Lorenzo Bernini.Under Alexander VII (pope 1655-1667), Berninilaid out the Piazza San Pietro, enclosed by colonnades,and added the fountains.
Description Source:[link]: Millon, Henry A. and Craig HughSmyth. Michelangelo architect: the facade ofSan Lorenzo and the drum and dome of Saint Peter’s.Milan: Olivetti, 1988.
 RelationshipType: [controlled]: larger contextfor
 [link toRelated Work]: Dome of Saint Peter’s
 RelationshipType: [controlled]: larger contextfor
 [link toRelated Work]: Piazza San Pietr

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