Example 153: Georgian building

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Work Record
Class[controlled]: architecture • American art
*Work Type [link]: mansion • president’s dwelling
*Title/Name: The White HouseTitle Type: preferred
*Title/Name: Executive MansionTitle Type: former
*Title/Name: President’s HouseTitle Type: former
*Creator Display: James Hoban (American, 1762-1831)
*Role [link]: architect [link]: Hoban, James
*Creation Date Display:  1793 to 1801, burned 1814, porticoes 1824 to 1829
[controlled]: • Earliest:  1793 • Latest: 1829
*Subject [links]:  • architecture • presidency • power • porticoes • columns
Style [link]: • Georgian • Neoclassical • Palladian
*Current Location [link]: Washington (District of Columbia, United States)
*Measurements: 3 stories, over 100 rooms, White House and the grounds occupy 7.2 hectares (18 acres)
[controlled] Extent: rooms Value: 104Type: count | |Extent: storiesValue: 3Type: count |Extent: groundsValue: 7.2Unit: hectaresType: area
*Materials and Techniques: cut-stone bearing masonry construction
Material [links]: • masonry Technique [links]: • dimension stone • load-bearing walls
Description: The White House is the residence of the American president. Design was the result of a public competition in 1792. Among the entrants was Thomas Jefferson, later president of the United States. James Hoban won the commission with a plan for a Georgian mansion in the Palladian style.

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