Example 111: Native American doll

Work Record
Class [controlled]: • Native American art • sculpture • toys
*Work Type [link]: • kachina doll
*Title: Palhikwmana-Kachina Figure
*Creator Display: unknown Hopi
*Role [link]: artist [link]: unknown Hopi
*Creation Date: 19th century [controlled]: • Earliest: 1800 • Latest: 1899
*Subject [links]: • religion and mythology • toy • doll • human figure • female • dance • storytelling • Palhikwmana (Hopi iconography)
Culture [link]: • Hopi
*Current Location [link]: Ethnologisches Museum (Berlin, Germany) • ID: Inv.-Nr. IVB 5106
Creation Location: Arizona (United States)
*Measurements: 42 cm (height) (16 1/2 inches)
[controlled]:Value: 42 Unit: cm Type: height
*Materials and Techniques: wood and cloth, formerly with feathers
Material [links]: • wood • cloth • feathers
Description: The figure of Palhikwmana (“liquid-drinking girl” or “corn-grinding girl”) wears an extravagant headdress, crowned by cloud terrace and originally included feathers. She is dressed in real clothing, imitating the ceremonial clothing of a Palhikwmana dancer.
Description Source [link]: Native American Art in the Collections of the Ethnological Museum Berlin. Berlin: G & H Verlag Berlin, 1999. Page: 118

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