Example 121: Medal

Work Record
Class [controlled]: • decorative arts • numismatics • European art
*Work Type [link]: • medal
*Title: Medal of Emperor Rudolf II
*Creator Display: unknown Czech (Bohemian)
*Role [link]: goldsmith [link]: unknown Czech
*Creation Date: early 17th century [controlled]: • Earliest: 1600 • Latest: 1630
*Subject [links]: • numismatic object • Rudolf II (Holy Roman Emperor, 1552-1612) • power • victory • Capricorn (Zodiac) • Caesar Augustus (Roman emperor, 63 BCE-14 CE) • peace • laurel wreath
*Current Location [link]: J. Paul Getty Museum (Los Angeles, California, United States) • ID: 92.NJ.87
Creation Location: Prague (Czechoslovakia)
*Measurements: 4.6 x 2.38 cm (1 13/16 x 15/16 inches)
[controlled]: • Value: 4.6 Unit: cm Type: height | Value: 2.38 Unit: cm Type: width
*Materials and Techniques: cast gold
Material [links]: • gold Technique [links]: • burnishing • casting
Inscriptions: obverse: RUDOLPHUS II ROM IMP AUG REX HUNG BOE, (Rudolf the Supreme Emperor of the Romans, King of Hungary and Bohemia); reverse: ASTRUM FULGET CAES (The Emperor’s Star Shines Brightly)
Description: The subject of the obverse is the Habsburg Emperor Rudolf II wearing a laurel wreath. The subject of the reverse is the ram, zodiac sign of the constellation Capricorn, referring to Augustus Caesar, who was conceived under this sign, suggesting an analogy between Rudolf and Caesar. The Habsburg Emperor Rudolf II minted this medal in imitation of ancient rulers, celebrating his power and dominion. He wears a laurel wreath, sign of victory and peace, and the chain and pendant of the Order of the Golden Fleece. The casting is of very high quality, evident in the subtle differentiation of textures on the medal.
Description Source [link]: J.Paul Getty Museum online. www.getty.edu (accessed 06 July 2007)

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