Example 135: Group of arrowheads

Work Record
Class [controlled]: • tools and implements • Pre-Columbian art
*Work Type [link]: • arrowheads • kirk points • netting
*Title: Group of Points from Bannerstone Site (20 MR 52)
*Creator Display: unknown Archaic (North American) (Great Lakes)
*Role [link]: creators [link]: unknown Archaic
*Creation Date: Archaic period (7,500 to 2,400 before present) [controlled]: • Earliest: -5500 • Latest: -0400
*Subject [links]: • objects (utilitarian) • hunting • warfare
Style [link]: Late Woodland
Culture [link]: Archaic (North American)
*Current Location [link]: University of Michigan, Museum of Anthropology (Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States) • ID: unavailable
Discovery Location [link]: Great Lakes region (USA)
*Measurements: 56 items, lengths range 36 mm to 64 mm (1 3/8 to 2 1/2 inches)
[controlled]: Extent: items • Value: 56 Type: count | Qualifier: smallest Value: 36 Unit: mm Type: length | Qualifier: largest Value: 64 Unit: mm Type: length
*Materials and Techniques: flint, vitric tuff, and rhyolite
Material [links]: • flint • tuff • rhyolite
Description: 20MR51.02: Kirk point, vitric tuff, corner-notched stemmed, distal portion missing
Description Source [link]: Ahler, Stanley A. Knife River Flint Quarries: Excavations at Site 32DU508. Bismarck: State Historical Society of North Dakota, 1986.

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