Example 138: Automobile

Work Record
Class [controlled]: • vehicles (transportation) • European art
*Work Type [link]: • automobile
*Title: Cisitalia “202” GT Car
*Creator Display: designed by Pininfarina, S.p.A. (Italian, 20th century)
*Role [link]: creator [link]: Pininfarina, S.p.A.
*Creation Date: designed in 1946, manufactured in 1948 [controlled]: • Earliest: 1946 • Latest: 1948
*Subject [links]: • objects (utilitarian) • automobile design • locomotion • transportation
Culture [link]: Italian
*Current Location [link]: Museum of Modern Art (New York, New York, United States) • ID: unavailable
Creation Location [link]: Turin (Italy)
*Measurements: 125 x 401 x 147 cm (49 inches x 13 feet 2 inches x 57 7/8 inches)
[controlled]: Value: 125 Unit: cm Type: height | Value: 401 Unit: cm Type: length | Value: 147 Unit: cm Type: width
*Materials and Techniques: aluminum and chrome body
Material [links]: • aluminum • chrome
Description: The Pininfarina company takes its name from “Pinin,” the nickname of its founder, Battista Farina. The two-seater Cisitalia “202” GT was an aesthetic and technical achievement that transformed postwar automobile body design. Building on aerodynamic studies developed for racing cars, the Cisitalia offers one of the most accomplished examples of coachwork (the automobile’s body) conceived as a single shell. The body was basically handcrafted, with its aluminum panels shaped over wooden forms. Because of this time-consuming process, only 170 models were produced between 1947 and 1952.
Description Source [link]: Museum of Modern Art online. www.moma.org (accessed 10 February 2004)

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