Example 91: Sèvres vessel, multiple artists

Work Record
Class [controlled]: • decorative arts • ceramics • European art
*Work Type [link]: • potpourri vase
*Title: Potpourri vase of Mme de Pompadour Title Type: translated
Title: Pot-pourri “vaisseau” Title Type: repository
*Creator Display: Sèvres porcelain manufactory (French, established 1740); design: Jean-Claude Duplessis, le père (French, ca. 1695-1774); painting: attributed to Charles-Nicolas Dodin (French, 1734-1803)
*Role [link]: manufactory [link]: Sèvres porcelain manufactory
*Role [link]: designer [link]: Duplessis, Jean-Claude
*Role [link]: painter Qualifier: attributed to [link]: Dodin, Charles-Nicolas
*Creation Date: ca. 1760 [controlled]: • Earliest: 1755 • Latest: 1765
*Subject [links]: • object (utilitarian) • vase • scent • trees • human figures • tea ceremony • Chinese genre scene
Style [link]: • Rococo • Chinoiserie
Culture [link]: • French
*Current Location [link]: Musée du Louvre (Paris, France) • ID: OA 10965
Creation Location [link]: Vincennes (Ile-de-France, France)
Former Location: Mme de Pompadour collection (Paris, France)
*Measurements: 37 x 35 cm (14 1/2 x 13 3/4 inches)
[controlled] Value: 37 Unit: cm Type: height | Value: 35 Unit: cm Type: width
*Materials and Techniques: soft paste porcelain, pink and green ground colors, polychrome enamel decoration and gilding
Material [links]: • soft paste porcelain • enamel • gold
Description: Pink potpourri vase with a painted genre scene of three Chinese men that was purchased for Mme de Pompadour, and was in her home at the time of her death.
Description Source [link]: Huyghe, René. Cent chefs-d’oeuvre du Musée du Louvre. Paris: Nouvelles Éditions françaises, 1954. Musee du Louvre online. www.louvre.fr (accessed 26 June 2007)

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