Example 11: Landscape painting

Work Record
Class [controlled]: • paintings  • American art
* Work Type [link]:  • painting
* Title: Autumn: On the Hudson River
* Creator Display:  Jasper Francis Cropsey (American painter, 1823-1900)
* Role [link]: painter  [link]: Cropsey, Jasper Francis    
* Creation Date Display: 1860  [controlled]: • Earliest: 1860  • Latest: 1860
* Subject Type: description  Subject [links]: • landscape  • hunters  • dogs  • autumn  • dawn  |  Subject Type: identification  Subject [links]: • Hudson River (United States)  • Storm King Mountain (Orange County, New York, United States)  | Subject Type: interpretation  Subject [links]: • peace  • man in harmony with nature
Culture [link]: American
* Current Location Display [link]: National Gallery of Art (Washington, District of Columbia, United States)  • ID: 1963.9.1
Creation Location [link]: London (England)
* Measurements: 151.8 x 274.9 cm (59 3/4 x 108 1/4 inches)
[controlled]:  Value: 151.8 Unit: cm Type: height  |  • Value: 274.9 Unit: cm Type: width
* Materials and Techniques:  oil on canvas
Material [links]:  • oil paint  • canvas  Technique [links]: • painting
Description: This monumental view of the Hudson River Valley was painted from memory in the artist’s London studio. Cropsey adopted a high vantage point, looking southeast toward the distant Hudson River and the flank of Storm King Mountain. A small stream leads from the foreground, where three hunters and their dogs gaze into the sunlight. All along the meandering tributary there are signs of man’s peaceful coexistence with nature.
Description Source [link]: National Gallery of Art online. www.nga.gov (accessed 29 July 2006)

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