Example 18: Modern painting

Work Record
Class [controlled]: • paintings  • American art
*Work Type [link]: • painting
*Title: Estate
Title: Abstract Composition with Silk-screened Photographic Images   Title Type: description
*Creator Display:  Robert Rauschenberg (American, born 1925)
*Role [link]: painter  [link]: Rauschenberg, Robert
*Creation Date: 1963  [controlled]: • Earliest: 1963  • Latest: 1963
*Subject [links]: • nonrepresentational  • collage  • glass of water  • rocket  • clock  • street sign  • Sistine Chapel (Vatican, Italy)  • Statue of Liberty (New York, New York, USA)  • New York (New York, USA)
Culture [link]: American
*Current Location [link]: Philadelphia Museum of Art (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)  • ID: 1967-881
*Measurements: 243.84 x 177.29 cm (96 X 69 7/8 inches)
[controlled]:  Value: 243.84 Unit: cm Type: height  |  • Value: 177.29 Unit: cm Type: width
*Materials and Techniques:  oil and silk-screened inks on canvas
Material [links]:  • oil paint  • ink  • canvas  Technique [links]: • screen printing
Inscriptions: silk-screened street signs read: PINE SAINT / ONE WAY / ONE / PUBLIC / SHELTER / STOP
Description: Photographic images simulating a collage include the Statue of Liberty, a glass of water, the Sistine Chapel, a diagram of a clock, a street sign in the artist’s New York neighborhood, and a launching rocket. These lithographed images are combined with expressive brushwork.
Description Source [link]: Philadelphia Museum of Art. Handbook of the Collections. Philadelphia: Philadelphia Museum of Art, 1986. Page: 334

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