Example 1: Predella panel, named artist

Work Record
Class [controlled]: • paintings  • European art
*Work Type [link]: • panel painting  • predella panel
*Title: The Creation and the Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise  Title Type: repository
Title: Creation of the World and Expulsion from Paradise  Title Type: alternate
*Creator Display:  Giovanni di Paolo (Sienese, active by 1426, died 1482)
*Role [link]: painter  [link]: Giovanni di Paolo
*Creation Date: ca. 1445  [controlled]: • Earliest: 1440  • Latest: 1450
*Subject [links]: • religion and mythology  • God (Christian iconography)  • Creation (Genesis, Bible)  • Expulsion from Paradise (Genesis, Bible)  • Adam (Genesis, Bible)  • Eve (Genesis, Bible)  • mappamondo
Style [link]: International Gothic
Culture [link]: Sienese (Italian)
*Current Location [link]: Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, New York, USA)  • ID: 1975.1.31
Creation Location [link]: Siena (Tuscany, Italy)
*Measurements: 54.4 x 52.1 cm (21 1/4 x 20 1/2 inches)
[controlled]:  Value: 54.4 Unit: cm Type: height  |  • Value: 52.1 Unit: cm Type: width
*Materials and Techniques: tempera and gold on wood panel
Material [links]: • tempera  • panel (wood)  • gold leaf  Technique [links]: • painting
Description: This panel was part of the predella of the altarpiece painted for San Domenico in Siena (now in the Uffizi in Florence). While the influence of the International Gothic and French miniature painting is seen in the elegant figures and opulent flora, the painting retains a distinctive Sienese character. The subject matter is notable for the mappamondo, the disk of earth and the concentric rings of heaven, which may reflect the composition of the famous, lost Lorenzetti Mappamondo in the Palazzo Pubblico of Siena.
Description Sources [link]: Hibbard, Howard. Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York: Harrison House, 1986.  Page: 223, 232
• Metropolitan Museum of Art online. www.metmuseum.org  Page: accessed 10/1/2006

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