Example 20: Chinese scroll

Work Record
Class [controlled]: • paintings  • Asian art
*Work Type [link]: • handscroll
*Title: Viewing the Waterfall at Longiu
Title: Longqiu guanpo tu  Title Type: alternate
*Creator Display:  primary painter and calligrapher was Dai Xi (Chinese, 1801-1860), with additional inscriptions and colophons added by other officials; commissioned by Wu Zhongzhun
*Roles [controlled]: • painter  • calligrapher  [link]: Dai Xi
*Role [link]: patron  [link]: Wu Zhongzhun
*Creation Date: between 1847 and 1849   [controlled]: • Earliest: 1847 • Latest: 1849
*Subject [links]: • landscape  • poetry  • Longqiu Waterfall, Yandang Mountain (Zhejiang province, China)  • waterfalls  • pool  • human figures  • mountains  • clouds  • pine trees  • literati (Chinese scholars-artists)
Style [link]: • Wen ren  • Qing
Culture [link]: Chinese
*Current Location [link]: Saint Louis Art Museum (Saint Louis, Missouri, USA)  • ID: 7: 1985
Creation Location [link]: Beijing (China)
*Measurements: 31.9 cm x 133.9 cm (12 1/2 inches x 52 3/4 inches)
[controlled]Value: 31.9 Unit: cm Type: height  |  • Value: 133.9 Unit: cm Type: width
*Materials and Techniques:  ink on paper, in a silk brocade cover with calligraphies written on separate sheets
Material [links]:  • ink  • paper  • silk  Technique [links]: • painting  • calligraphy
Inscription: inscribed with the colophons and encomia of the artist and several other collaborators: Dai Xi, Luchuang Juren, Lun An, Meng Xin, Shun Qi, Shun Shi, Shun Si, Song Ping, Yu An, Jing Dong Juren, and Wen Jie
Description: This is an example of the Wen ren style, where the work, comprising painting, poetry, and calligraphy, was created by scholars and gentlemen, rather than professional painters or craftsmen. Dai Xi and the others involved with the creation were scholar-officials at the imperial court or its offices in the provinces.
Description Source [link]: Lee, Sherman E., A History of Far Eastern Art (1982)  Page: 545

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