Example 23: Fresco cycle in a chapel

Work Record
Class [controlled]: • paintings  • European art  • murals
*Work Type [link]:  • fresco cycle
*Title: Scenes from the Life of Christ and the Virgin Mary  Title Type: descriptive
*Creator Display: Giotto (Italian, ca. 1267-1337)
*Role [link]: painter  [link]: Giotto
*Creation Date: probably painted after March 1300; finished before March 1304  [controlled]: • Earliest: 1300   • Latest: 1304
*Subject [links]: • religion and mythology  • Life of Joachim (Christian iconography)  • Life of the Virgin (Christian iconography)  • Life of Christ (Christian iconography)  • Seven Virtues  • Seven Vices
Culture [link]: Italian
*Current Location [link]: Arena Chapel (Padua, Veneto, Italy)
*Measurements: unavailable
*Materials and Techniques:  fresco
Technique [links]: • fresco
Description: The frescoes are dated based on archival records, including the purchase of the land in 1300 and the dedication in 1304.
Description Source [link]: Cole, Bruce. Giotto and Florentine Painting. New York: Harper and Row, 1976.  Page: 63 ff.

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