Example 8: Painting of architecture, related work

Work Record
Class [controlled]: • paintings • European art
*Work Type [link]:• painting
*Title:Cathedral of Saint John at ‘s-Hertogenbosch Title Type: repository
*Creator Display:Pieter Jansz. Saenredam (Dutch, 1597-1665)
*Role [link]: painter [link]: Saenredam, Pieter Jansz.
*Creation Date: 1646 [controlled]:Earliest: 1646 • Latest:1646
*Subject [links]: • interior architecture • Cathedral of Saint John (‘s-Hertogenbosch, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands) • Gothic cathedral • apse • clerestory • iconoclasts • Protestant Reformation
Style [link]: Northern Baroque
Culture [link]:Dutch
*Current Location [link]:National Gallery of Art (Washington, DC, USA) • ID: 1961.9.33
*Measurements: 128.9 x 87 cm (4 feet 3 inches x 2 feet 10 inches)
[controlled]: Value:128.9 Unit:cm Type:height | • Value:87 Unit:cm Type:width
*Materials and Techniques: oil on panel
Material [links]:• oil paint • panel (wood) Technique [links]: • painting
Description:The artist has made a detailed rendering of the fifteenth-century Gothic cathedral at ‘s-Hertogenbosch, near the Maas river, after the iconoclasts, or “image destroyers” of the Protestant reformation had replaced the church’s stained glass and whitewashed its vaults. The preparatory drawings from 12 years earlier show the altarpiece missing, having been removed by Catholics fleeing the Protestants. Saenredam, a close friend of the altarpiece’s artist, ingeniously reinserted the missing picture in his painting.
Description Source [link]: National Gallery of Art online. www.nga.gov Page: accessed 15 October 2006
Related Work:
Relationship Type [controlled]: depicts
[link to Work Record]: Cathedral of Saint John (‘s-Hertogenbosch, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands); 1419-1520

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