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Work Record
Class [controlled]: • photographs • European art
*Work Type [link to authority]: • cartes-de-visite (card photographs)
*Title: Peruvian Portrait Cartes-de-Visite
*Creator Display: Eugenio Courret (French, active ca. 1861-ca. 1900 in Peru) and Hermanos Courret (Peruvian, active 1863-ca. 1873)
*Role [link]: photographer [link]: Courret, Eugenio
*Role [link]: studio [link]: Courret Hermanos
*Creation Date: ca. 1870-ca. 1880 [controlled]: Earliest: 1865 • Latest: 1885
*Subject [link to authorities]: • portraits • travel • Peru (South America) • veiled women • matador • Native Andean • soldier • camp follower • mother and child
*Current Location [link to authority]: Getty Research Institute, Research Library, Special Collections (Los Angeles, California, United States) • ID: 91-F46
*Measurements: 11 items, 9 x 8 cm each (3 1/2 x 3 1/8 inches)
[controlled]: Extent: each • Value: 9 Unit: cm Type: height | • Value: 8 Unit: cm Type: width || Extent: items • Value: 11 Type: count
*Materials and Techniques: photography
Technique [links]: • photography
Inscriptions: versos read: E. Courret, Fotográfo, 197 Calle de la Union (Mercaderes), 71 Calle del Palacio, Lima, República Peruana, Exposición 1869 Medalla de Honor, Exposición 1872 Medalla de Oro (9 items); Courret Hermanos, [same address], with monogram; .E. Courret, Fotógrafo, Lima, República Peruana, Exposición.
Description: Studio portraits in cartes-de-visite format. 3 tapadas (veiled women); a matador; 9 images of indigenous Andeans, including a soldier and his rabona (camp follower), and a mother and child
Related Work:
  Relationship Type [controlled]: part of
  [link to Related Work Record]: Cities and sites cartes-de-visite collection; collection; 1854-ca. 1905. Getty Research Library, Special Collections (Los Angeles, California, United States); ID: ZCDV 2.

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