Example 41: Architectural model

Work Record
Class [controlled]: • architecture • sculpture • European art
*Work Type [link]: • model (representation)
*Title: Wooden Model for the Façade of San Lorenzo, Florence
*Creator Display: Michelangelo Buonarroti (Italian, 1475-1564)
*Role [link]: architect [link]: Buonarroti, Michelangelo
*Creation Date: completed by 1555 [controlled]: Earliest: 1545 • Latest: 1555
*Subject [links]: • architecture • façade • model (representation) • San Lorenzo (Florence, Italy)
Style [link]: Renaissance
Culture [link]: Italian
*Current Location [link]: Casa Buonarroti (Florence, Italy) • ID: unavailable
*Measurements: 216 x 283 x 50 cm (7 feet 3 inches x 9 feet 3 inches x 1 foot 7 inches); scale: 1: 12
[controlled]: • Value: 216 Unit: cm Type: height | • Value: 283 Unit: cm Type: width | • Value: 50 Unit: cm Type: depth || Scale: numeric Value: 1 Type: base | Value: 12 Type: target
*Materials and Techniques: poplar, cypress, pine and other wood; traces of white lead paint and gesso
Material [links]: • poplar • cypress • pine • lead-based paint • gesso
Inscriptions: scale: 1: 12
Description: This is probably one of the two models described by Michelangelo in a letter to his brother, Lionardo, in September 1555. His designs for the façade had begun in 1515.
Description Source [link]: Millon, Henry A. and Craig Hugh Smyth. Michelangelo Architect: The Facade of San Lorenzo and the Drum and Dome of Saint Peter’s. Milan: Olivetti, 1988. Page: 89
Related Work:
Relationship Type [controlled]: depicts
[link to Work Record]: San Lorenzo (Florence, Italy); begun in 1421

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