Example 69: Minoan sculpture

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[Note: This example illustrates CCO creator display option 1 for unknown creators (CCO page 92). In this example, the “Creator” field is linked to a Name Authority record for unknown Minoan.]

Work Record
Class [controlled]: • sculpture • Greek and Roman art
*Work Type [link]: • statue
*Title: Snake Goddess
*Creator Display: unknown Minoan
*Role [link]: artist [link]: unknown Minoan
*Creation Date Display: Middle Minoan Palace period, ca. 1600 BCE [controlled]:Earliest:—1630 • Latest:—1570
*Subjects [links]: • human figure • goddess • priestess • snakes • female • headdress
Style [link]: Middle Minoan
Culture [link]: Minoan
*Current Location Display [link]: Heraklion Museum (Heraklion, Crete, Greece) • ID: no. 65
Discovery Location [link]: central sanctuary, Palace (Knossos, Crete, Greece)
*Measurements: 34.29 cm (height) (13 1/2 inches)
[controlled]: Value: 34.29 Unit: cm Type: height
*Materials and Techniques: terracotta, faience
Material [links]: • terracotta • faience
Description: The statue represents a goddess or priestess. Figure wears a tight Minoan bodice that reveals bare breasts and a tall tiara with animal (owl or cat) perched on top; snakes are wrapped around her waist and arms; mending is apparent on both upper arms, neck and headdress. There are painted linear decorations on the apron, skirt, and hem.

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