Example 73: Roman bust

[Note: This example illustrates CCO creator display option 1 for unknown creators (CCO page 92). In this example, the “Creator” field is linked to a Name Authority record for unknown Roman.]


Work Record
Class [controlled]: • sculpture • Greek and Roman art
*Work Type [link]: • statue • bust
*Title: Bust of a Youth in the Age of Tiberius
*Creator Display: unknown Roman
*Role [link]: sculptor   [link]: unknown Roman
*Creation Date: 1st century CE [controlled]: Earliest: 0001 • Latest: 0099
*Subject [links]: • portrait • human figure • male • youth • funerary sculpture
Culture [link]: Roman
*Current Location [link]: National Archives and Record Administration (Washington, District of Columbia, United States)  • ID: NLJ-MCOLL-M01
*Measurements: 29.85 x 15.88 x 17.15 (11 3/4 x 6 1/4 x 6 3/4 inches)
[controlled]: • Value: 29.85 Unit: cm Type: height |  • Value: 15.88 Unit: cm Type: width |  • Value: 17.5 Unit: cm Type: depth
*Materials and Techniques: marble
Material [links]: • marble
Description: This marble bust, which is a funerary portrait of a young boy, dates to the 1st century CE Tiberian period. It was given to Lyndon B. Johnson by His Excellency Antonio Segni, President of Italy. The artist is unknown.

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