Example 74: Baroque bust

Work Record
Class [controlled]: • sculpture • European art
*Work Type [link]: • statue • bust
*Title: Bust of Jacob van Reygersberg
*Creator Display: Rombout Verhulst (Flemish, 1624-1698)
*Role [link]: sculptor   [link]: Verhulst, Rombout
*Creation Date: 1671 [controlled]: Earliest: 1671 • Latest: 1671
*Subject [links]: • portrait • Jacob van Reygersberg (Dutch aristocrat, 1625-1675)  • commemoration
Culture [link]: Dutch
*Current Location [link]: J. Paul Getty Museum (Los Angeles, California, United States)  • ID: 78.DE.65
*Measurements: 63 cm (height) (24 7/8 inches)
[controlled]: • Value: 63 Unit: cm Type: height
*Materials and Techniques: marble with extensive drillwork
Material [links]: • marble Technique [links]: • carving • drillwork
Inscriptions: inscribed on the front: MEA SORTE CONTENTUS; signed on the left: R. Verhulst fec.; dated on the right: Anno 1671; inscribed on the back: DIT IS HET AFBEELTSEL VAN / IACOB VAN REIGERSBERGH. / GEBOREN IN MIDDELBURGH / DEN.X.APRIL.1625. / WEGENS DE PROVINTIE / VAN ZEELANT GEDEPUTEERDT / TER VERGADERINGH VAN / HAER HOOGH MOGENTHEDEN / DEN.17.7.BER DES IAERS 1663 / STURF DEN.29.APRIL.1675
Description: The virtuosity of the sculptor is apparent in the rendering of a variety of textures, including flesh, hair, lace, satins. Verhulst has employed an ingenious method to mitigate the truncation of the figure at the shoulders and chest, namely by using decorative foliage and curving volutes below the armor. Jacob van Reygersberg was a wealthy provincial politician who had recently been sent to the States General, the national governing body of the Netherlands, to represent the Dutch province of Zeeland. His armor identifies him as a member of the noble class.
Description Source [link]: J. Paul Getty Museum online. www.getty.edu  Page: accessed 21 December 2006

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