Example 79: Chinese funerary sculpture

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[Note: This example illustrates CCO creator display option 2 for unknown creators (CCO page 92). In this example, the “Culture” field is used for the primary identification of an unknown creator. It is linked to a Concept Authority record for Chinese.]

Work Record
Class [controlled]: • sculpture • Asian funerary art
*Work Type [link]: • statue
*Title: Tomb Figure of a Bactrian Camel
*Creator Display:  Chinese
*Role [link]: artist [link]: Chinese
*Creation Date Display: Tang dynasty (618-907)  [controlled]:Earliest: 0618 • Latest: 0907
*Subject [links]: • religion and mythology • animal • bactrian camel • ceremonial object • funerary object • food • afterlife
Style [link]: Tang Dynasty
Culture [link]: Chinese
*Current Location Display [link]: Philadelphia Museum of Art (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States)  • ID: 1964-9-1
Creation Location [link]: Ch’angan (Guangxi, China)
*Measurements: 81.28 (height) (32 inches)
[controlled]Value: 81.28 Unit: cm Type: height
*Materials and Techniques: pottery with three-color glaze
Material [links]:  • terracotta Technique [links]: • glazing
Description: Tomb figure of a camel laden with food for the deceased in the afterlife. Given that the size of tomb figures was regulated by law, this large and impressive piece was probably commissioned for a high-ranking member of the nobility. The rich tones of green, yellow, and brown are typical of Ch’angan pieces.
Description Source [link]: Philadelphia Museum of Art. Handbook of the Collections. Philadelphia: Philadelphia Museum of Art, 1986.  Page: 27

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