Example 84: Modern maquette, construction

Work Record
Class [controlled]: &• sculpture • conceptual art • Modern art
*Work Type [link]: • maquette (sculpture)  • construction (sculpture)
*Title: Maquette for Radio-Announcer
*Creator Display: Gustav Klucis (Latvian, 1895-1944)
*Role [link]: artist [link]: Klucis, Gustav
*Creation Date: 1922 [controlled]: Earliest: 1922 • Latest: 1922
*Subject [links]: • didactic art • propaganda • radio announcer • Lenin (Russian revolutionary, 1870-1924)  • Russian Revolution • loudspeaker • protest
Culture [link]: • Russian • Latvian
*Current Location [link]: Museum of Modern Art (New York, New York, United States)  • ID: unavailable
*Measurements: 106.1 x 36.8 x 36.8 cm (45 3/4 x 14 1/2 x 14 1/2 inches)
[controlled]: • Value: 106.1 Unit: cm Type: height |  • Value: 36.8 Unit: cm Type: width |  • Value: 36.8 Unit: cm Type: depth
*Materials and Techniques: construction piece made of painted cardboard, paper, wood, thread, and metal brads
Material [links]: • construction (sculpture)  • cardboard • paper • wood • thread • brads Technique [links]: • construction (sculpture)
Inscriptions: inscribed in Russian: [Lenin; speech; radio announcer]
Description: Klucis made this maquette, or model, as a design for a “radio-announcer”-a street-based loudspeaker-to be placed at city intersections, where it was to broadcast a speech by Lenin on the fifth anniversary of the Russian Revolution. An architecture of struts and cables supports geometric panels and gaily painted loudspeakers. The work clearly announces its purpose: the name “Lenin” appears in large red letters on an arrangement of vanes.
Description Source [link]: Museum of Modern Art online. www.moma.org  Page: accessed 22 December 2006

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