Example 85: Modern assemblage

Work Record
Class [controlled]: • sculpture • conceptual art • Modern art
*Work Type [link]: • assemblage (sculpture)  • scatter pieces
*Title/Name: Tori Title Type: artist’s
*Title/Name: Nine Forms Arranged Casually on the Floor Title Type: descriptive
*Creator Display: Eva Hesse (American, 1936-1970)
*Role [link]: sculptor [link]: Hesse, Eva
*Creation Date: 1969 [controlled]: Earliest: 1969 • Latest: 1969
*Subject [links]: • nonrepresentational art • botanical forms • anatomical forms • architectural forms
Style [link]: Process art
Culture [link]: American
*Current Location [link]: Philadelphia Museum of Art (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States)  • ID: 1990-121-1-9
*Measurements: largest unit: 119.38 x 43.18 x 38.1 cm (47 x 17 x 15 inches)
[controlled]: Qualifier: largest • Value: 119.38 Unit: cm Type: height |  • Value: 43.18 Unit: cm Type: width |  • Value: 38.1 Unit: cm Type: depth
*Materials and Techniques: fiberglass and resin on wire mesh
Material [links]: • fiberglass • resin • welded wire fabric
Description: An assemblage of nine similarly-shaped elements that are to be arranged casually on the floor and against the wall. This work was a rebellion against the harsh geometry of Minimalism. The work is characterized by a flexible, fluid material and smooth, rounded-almost anatomical or botanical, yet architectural forms.
Description Source [link]: Philadelphia Museum of Art. Handbook of the Collections. Philadelphia: Philadelphia Museum of Art, 1986.  Page: 335

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