Example 87: Modern sculpture, outdoors

Work Record
Class [controlled]: • sculpture • Modern art
*Work Type [link]: • outdoor sculpture
*Title: Large Arch
*Creator Display: Henry Moore (British sculptor, 1898-1986)
*Role [link]: • designer   • sculptor [link]: Moore, Henry
*Creation Date: installed in 1971 [controlled]: Earliest: 1971 • Latest: 1971
*Subject [links]: • nonrepresentational art • arch • bones (material)  • antiquity
*Current Location [link]: Cleo Rogers Memorial Library Plaza (Columbus, Indiana, United States)
Creation Location [link]: Germany
*Measurements: 6.25 x 3.66 m (20 feet 6 inches x 12 feet); 4.99 metric tons (5.5 tons)
[controlled]: • Value: 6.25 Unit: m Type: height |  • Value: 3.66 Unit: m Type: width |  • Value: 4.99 Unit: metric tons Type: weight
*Materials and Techniques: sand-cast bronze, green patina
Material [links]: • bronze Technique [links]: • sand casting • patina
Description: Monumental sculpture, designed in England, cast at a foundry in Germany. Cast in bronze in 50 sections.

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