Example 169: Didactic Materials, Chart of Cretan writing systems

Work Record
Class [controlled]: • didactic materials • theory
*Work Type [link]: • chart (graphic document) • technical illustration
*Title: Cretan Writing Systems
*Creator Display: unknown
*Role [link]: illustrator [link]: unknown
*Creation Date: published 1985 [controlled]: • Earliest: 1985 • Latest: 1985
*Subject [links]: • Mediterranean • Aegean • Cretan styles and periods • hieroglyphics • scripts (writing) • Linear A • Linear B
*Current Location [link]: unavailable; published in World Atlas of Archaeology
*Measurements: unavailable
*Materials and Techniques: illustration
Technique [links]: • illustration (process)
Description [link]: The Chart compares three Cretan writing systems. The columns are labeled H (Hieroglyphic), A (Linear A), B (Linear B). The first two groups of columns show the first 30 syllabograms of Linear B (with their phonetic value when it is known). The third group reproduces 15 of the Linear B ideograms (with their Latin transcriptions). The fourth and fifth groups show the first 15 signs of Linear A which have no parallel in Linear B and the first 15 hieroglyphic signs which have no corresponding signs in either Linear A or Linear B.
Note Source [link]: World Atlas of Archaeology. Boston: G. K. Hall & Co., 1985.

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