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Work Record

Class [controlled] ceramics • Greek and Roman art
*Work Type [link] Panathenaic amphora
*Title Panathenaic Prize Amphora and Lid | Title
Type: preferred
*Creator display attributed to the Painter of the
Wedding Procession as painter (Greek, 4th
century BCE); signed by Nikodemos as potter (Greek,
active 4th century BCE in Athens)
Qualifier [controlled]: attributed to | *Role [link]:
painter | [link]: Painter of the Wedding Procession
| *Role [link]: potter | [link]: Nikodemos
*Creation Date 363-362 BCE | [controlled]:
Earliest: -0363; Latest: -0362
Extent general; *Subject [links to authorities]:
religion and mythology • object (utilitarian)
• ceremonial object | Extent: side A; *Subject
[links to authorities]: Athena Promachos (Greek
iconography) • human female | Extent: side B;
*Subject [links to authorities]: Nike • Victor
• competition • human females
Styles [link] Black-figure • Attic
Culture [link] Greek
*Current Location [link] J. Paul Getty Museum,
Villa Collection (Malibu, California, United States) |
ID: 93.AE.55
*Measurements height with lid, 89.5 cm (35 1/4
inches); circumference at shoulder, 115 cm (15 1/16 inches)
[controlled]: Value: 89.5; Unit: cm; Type: height |
Value: 115; Unit: cm; Type: circumference
*Materials and Techniques wheel-turned terracotta, sintering
Material [link]: terracotta | Technique [link]:
turning • sintering • vase painting
Inscriptions signed by Nikodemos
Description Side A: Athena Promachos; Side B:
Nike Crowning the Victor, with the Judge on the Right
and the Defeated Opponent on the Left. The figure
of Athena is portrayed in an Archaistic style. The
particular use of Nike figures atop the akanthos
columns flanking Athena allow scholars to date this
vase to precisely 363/362 BCE.
Description Source [link] J. Paul Getty Museum
online. (accessed February 10,

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Concept Authority Record

*Terms Panathenaic amphora (preferred, singular)
Panathenaic amphorae (preferred, plural)
Panathenaic amphoras
amphora, type c neck
amphora, type Iic
*Hierarchical position [links] Objects Facet
.... Furnishings and Equipment
........ Containers
.................. <storage vessels>
......................... amphorae
............................... neck amphorae
.................................... Panathenaic amphorae
*Note Refers to amphorae that were filled with olive
oil from the sacred trees of Athena, given as prizes in
the Panathenaic Games. They were neck amphorae
with a large, broad body sharply tapering downward
and a relatively thin neck. The standard decoration
included images of Athena on one side and the contest
at which the prize was won on the other, usually
in the Black-figure technique.
*Source [link] Art & Architecture Thesaurus (1988-).

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