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Class [controlled] decorative arts • costume jewelry • Egyptian art
*Work Type [link] pectoral
*Title Pectoral with the Name of Senwosret II | Title Type: preferred
*Creator display unknown ancient Egyptian, Twelfth Dynasty
*Role [link]: artist [link]: unknown ancient Egyptian
*Creation Date reigns of Senwosret II-Amenemhat III, ca. 1897-ca. 1878 BCE
[controlled]: Earliest: -1907; Latest: -1868
*Subject [links to authorities] religion and mythology • human figures • apparel • adornment • Senwosret II (Egyptian king) • Sit-hathor-yunet (Egyptian princess) • falcons • water • ankh • life • cobras • Nekhbet (Egyptian deity) • Udjo (Egyptian deity) • Heh (Egyptian deity)
*Current Location [link] Metropolitan Museum (New York, New York, United States) | ID: 16.1.3
Discovery Location [link] Al Lahun (Upper Egypt region, Egypt)
*Measurements length of pectoral, excluding necklace: 8.3 cm (3 1/4 inches)
Extent [controlled] : pectoral; Value: 8.3; Unit: cm;
Type: length
*Materials and Techniques gold, carnelian, feldspar, garnet, and turquoise; cloisonné
Material [link]: carnelian • gold • feldspar • garnet • turquoise | Technique [link]: cloisonné
Inscriptions hieroglyphic of the design reads: the god of the rising sun grants life and dominion over all that the sun encircles for one million one hundred thousand years [that is, eternity] to King Khakheperre [Senwosret II].
Style [link] Egyptian • Middle Kingdom
Culture [link] Egyptian
Description The cloisonné pectoral is inlaid with 372 carefully cut pieces of semiprecious stones. The focus of the pectoral is the throne name of King Senwosret II. It was found among the jewelry of Princess Sit-hathor-yunet in her underground tomb beside the pyramid of Senwosret II. Jewelry worn by royal women during the Middle Kingdom was symbolic of concepts and myths surrounding Egyptian royalty. Jewelry imbued a royal woman with superhuman powers and thus enabled her to support the king in his role as guarantor of divine order on earth.
Description Source [link to Source Record] Metropolitan Museum of Art online.
(accessed February 1, 2005).

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Concept Authority Record

*Terms carnelian (preferred)

A translucent red or orange variety of chalcedony, containing iron impurities. It is often
used for seals and signet rings.

*Hierarchical position [link] Materials Facet
.... Materials
.......... inorganic material
.................... mineral
........................ quartz
............................ chalcedony
.................................. carnelian
*Source [link] Art & Architecture Thesaurus

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CREDIT: Pectoral with the Name of Senwosret II, ca. 1897-
1878 B.C.E.; Dynasty 12, reigns of Senwosret II-Amenemhat III;
Middle Kingdom; Egyptian; Lahun; Gold, carnelian, feldspar,
garnet, turquoise; L. of pectoral 3 1/4 in. (8.3 cm); The
Metropolitan Museum of Art, Rogers Fund and Henry Walters
Gift, 1916 (16.1.3). Photograph © 1983 The Metropolitan
Museum of Art.