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Work Record

Class [controlled] paintings • European art
*Work Type [link] painting
*Title Magdaleine Pinceloup de la Grange | Title Type: preferred
*Creator display Jean-Baptiste Perronneau (French, ca. 1715-1783)
* Role [link]: painter | [link]: Perronneau, Jean-Baptiste
*Creation Date 1747
[controlled]: Earliest: 1747; Latest: 1747
*Subjects [links] portrait • Pinceloup de la Grange, Magdaleine (French aristocrat, 18th century) • domestic cat
*Current Location [link] J. Paul Getty Museum (Los Angeles, California, United States) | ID: 84.PA.664
Style [link] Rococo | Culture [link]: French
*Measurements 65 x 54 cm (25 5/8 x 21 3/8 inches)
[controlled]: Value: 65; Unit: cm; Type: height | Value: 54;
Unit: cm; Type: width
*Materials and Techniques oil on canvas
Material [link]: oil paint • canvas
Description The sitter was from the provincial French region of Orléans, but the artist imbued her with Parisian sophistication. The cat she holds is known as a "Chartreux cat," descriptions of which first appeared in 18th-century France. While some at this time valued this breed as a companion animal, it was primarily bred for its fur.
Description Source [link] J. Paul Getty Museum online.
(accessed February 10, 2005).
Related Work Relationship Type [controlled]: pendant of
[link to Work Record]: Charles-François Pinceloup de la
Grange; painting; Jean-Baptiste Perronneau (French, ca.
1715-1783); 1747; J. Paul Getty Museum (Los Angeles,
California, United States); 84.PA.664

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Personal and Corporate Name Authority Record

*Names Pinceloup de la Grange, Magdaleine (preferred, inverted)
Magdaleine Pinceloup de la Grange (preferred, natural order)
Parseval, Magdaleine
Pinceloup de la Grange, Madaleine
*Display Biography French aristocrat, 18th century
*Nationality [controlled] French
[controlled]: *Birth Date: 1700; *Death Date: 1799
*Life Roles [controlled] aristocrat
Place of Activity [link] Orléans (France)
Related People Relationship Type [controlled]: spouse of
[link to Personal and Corporate Name Authority]:
Charles-François Pinceloup de la Grange
*Sources [link] J. Paul Getty Museum (online).

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Concept Authority Record

*Terms Felis domesticus (preferred, species name)
domestic cat (preferred, common name)
Felis catus
house cat
*Hierarchical position [link] ....... Vertebrates (subphylum)
............ Mammalia (class)
................ Carnivora (order)
....................... Felidae (family)
............................. Felis domesticus
*Note Domesticated member of the genus Felis, first
domesticated in Egypt ca. 2000 BCE. Probably
descended from Felis sylvestris; in some taxonomies,
Felis domesticus and Felis sylvestris are the same
Related Concept Relationship Type [controlled]: descended from
[link to Concept Authority]: Felis silvestris
*Sources [link to Source Records] Animal Diversity Web. University of Michigan
Museum of Zoology, 1995-2002. http://animaldiversity
. (accessed February 5, 2004).
"Cat, domestic." Encyclopaedia Britannica online
(accessed February 4, 2004).

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The J. Paul Getty Museum
(Los Angeles, California).
Jean-Baptiste Perronneau,
Magdaleine Pinceloup de la
Grange, née de Parseval.
French, 1747, Oil on
canvas, 25 9/16 x
20 11/16 in.; 84.PA.665.
© The J. Paul Getty Trust.