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Class [link to authority] architecture
*Work Type [link] basilica
*Title Prato Cathedral | Title Type: preferred
Title: Duomo di Prato | Title Type: alternate
Title: Cattedrale di Santo Stefano | Title Type: alternate
Title: Santo Stefano di Borgo al Cornio | Title Type: former
*Creator display architect: Guidetto da Como (Italian, 13th century) from 1211, other unknown architects
*Role [controlled]: architect | [link]: Guidetto da Como
*Creation Date original church dates from 10th century, current church was begun in 12th century, façade and
campanile date from 12th-15th century
[controlled]: Earliest: 1100; Latest: 1499
*Subjects [link to authorities]: architecture • Saint Stephen • cathedral • worship
*Current Location [link] Prato (Tuscany, Italy)
*Materials and Techniques bearing masonry construction, green and white striped marble façade
Material [link]: masonry | Technique [link]: bearing walls | Extent [controlled]: façade | Material [link]: marble
• striped pattern
Style [link] Romanesque • Gothic

The current church is an enlargement of a 10th-century parish church. The cathedral was a pilgrimage site
noted for the relic of the Virgin Mary's belt, the Sacro Cingolo, and important 15th-century frescoes.

Authority Record

*Term architecture (preferred)


Designation for the built environment, including
structures, parts of structures, landscape architecture,
and city planning.
*Source [link] Art & Architecture Thesaurus (1988-).

Prato Cathedral, Prato, Italy
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