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Image Record

Image Number 200347
*View Description interior view, atrium with
*View Type [link] interior view
*View Subject [link to authorities] atrium • staircase
*View Date [controlled] 1969
Related Work [link to Work Record] Munson-
Williams-Proctor Institute
; art center; Philip Johnson
(American, 1906-2005); designed in 1957, completed
in 1960; Utica (New York, United States)


Authority Record

*Term interior view
*Note Refers to photographs or other representations
of the inside of a building or other structure or
object that has interior and exterior space.
*Source [link to Source Record] Art & Architecture


Work Record

Class [controlled] architecture • Modern art
*Work Type [link to authority] art center
*Title Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute | Title Type: preferred
*Creator display Philip Johnson (American,1906-2005)
*Role [link]: architect | [link]: Johnson, Philip
*Creation Date designed in 1957; completed in 1960
[controlled]: Earliest: 1957; Latest: 1960
*Subject [link to authorities] architecture • art center
*Current Location [link to authority] Utica (New York, United States)
*Materials and Techniques steel frame construction, granite faced, bronze girders
Material [link]: granite • bronze | Technique [link]: steel frame
Description The Institute illustrates Johnson's appreciation of Mies van der Rohe's singlespan
structures. It is a granite-clad cube supported by monumental bronze girders. The
ground level is recessed, glazed, and hidden in a surrounding moat. The central atrium is the
focus for the interior.
Description Source [link to authority] Philip Johnson - Alan Ritchie, Architects. [online] (accessed July 14, 2004).
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